Thing 12: Data Clouds

Huge files are a pain to work on. I’ve got a manuscript I’m editing right now, and it’s over 200 pages – how am I supposed to finish this, let alone at one computer?

Enter the cloud. Shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand to your computer, handheld device, whatever you need it on. What does this mean? It means the cloud loves you. The cloud *is* love. The cloud wants you to be able to work on your project from any computer, without having to email new versions to yourself over and over. The cloud wants you to have that Lady Gaga mp3 anywhere you go. The cloud wants you to be happy. (And to dance to Lady Gaga.)

It’s not just a glorified flash drive, either – some endless capacity. You can use the cloud to only have secret files that only you can access, or you can change the privacy settings of a file (or several files) so that they can be read or also worked on by the people you choose. That means that this isn’t just convenient for you, it’s convenient for any group you collaborate with for school, for work, whatever. Google Docs is a great place to start if you’re still not sure what it’s all about. If you don’t like the layout, or you want to try something else, don’t worry – there are lots of other cloud sites that do just as much if not more for you, but it’s hard to find a better price than free, especially when your starting storage is so generous. And when I’m done with Google Docs, I can go right up to the bar at the top and click over to my email. And right back. Perfect.

(The cloud does love me.)

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