Thing 15: Images/Photos

I get to blog… about internet images?

No, okay, I’ve done enough about animated .gifs. (Almost.) And since you probably already know about Flickr, let me show you the Flickr map, a neat little gadget that gives you a clickable map to browse through. It’s not very expansive, but every photo on the map is a gorgeous representation of its region.

And not unlike Wikipedia, you can get caught up in links that lead to links that lead to links. The map lead me to this picture of New York, which lead me to the sidebar to show the other photos in the set, which also included this cityscape, which reminded me that I love dinosaurs, leading me to search for some more, and I found a t-rex tat, which reminded me that I love tattoos, especially bad ones on other people. All that brought me to this, which is my new favourite picture of the week.

Part of what makes Flickr so strong is the amount of professional work that’s uploaded and shared. Even people who aren’t personally photographers, and maybe even don’t want to share their vacation photos, can participate by browsing and commenting and are motivated to do so by how freaking gorgeous some of the photos are. Not to mention that you never knew you wanted an octopus on your back until just now.

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  1. crandles said,

    June 15, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    That’s a nice little string of photos there. It’s amazing how many photographs are out there on the web, and with that large volume there’s bound to be something someone can appreciate, somewhere. It’s not too hard for anyone to find something they like, or might want to share, or might want to use in some fashion. Gizmodo hosts a shooting challenge on a weekly basis, I believe (it was something a friend of mine showed me), and there are some really cool photographs in the collection. I’m not sure if html or whatever is usable in these comments, so here’s the link: . There are all sorts of things like this out there, for amateurs to showcase their skills, and to be noticed. One a somewhat related note, there’s also this cool site called Threadless ( that is basically a clothing (mainly t-shirts) company with all of it’s designs created by its community. There’s a voting process, critiques, comments, and if your design is accepted — you get paid. If your design is reprinted — you get paid. Pretty cool, and very Web 2.0.