Blog Post 7: Second Life

How did I get here? Why is there a manta ray?

If I told you I didn’t know anything about virtual worlds I’d be lying. I’ve taken enough classes in the English department to have studied them, and I had a nerdy enough childhood that I played my share of MOOs and MUDs as a kid. I even played a little WoW. Don’t judge me. It doesn’t count if you get bored before level 40.

But even the WoW experience is only helping me so much here. My virtual arm keeps virtually reaching for… something… making it look like I’m either trying to shield my face from an attack or, alternately, like I’m trying to bend my elbow around the nape of my neck. What do I keep clicking? How do I unclick? Why do I have to do this on a campus computer, where the load times make it look as if Second Life isn’t already there so much as being built up around me as I stand there and wait for ‘W’ to move me forward?

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not all bad. Any game where you don’t have to level up and pay huge piles of gold and a mount to start flying is a game I probably approve of. Page up, Page down, ‘Stop flying’. Simple enough. For all the possible useful uses of this technology, all I really want to do is float around and maybe cross a few oceans. For all the possible interactions I could have with other internerds, I think I’ve already found my favorite spot in the whole place:

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  1. ewuepper said,

    May 28, 2010 at 4:07 am

    At least you have had some experience with this kind of thing before. I don’t know what I clicked, but somehow after leaving the little tutorial room (I think) I immediately got myself lost in what I can only describe as rainbow-strobe-light-seizure-world. It kind of frightened me. I started playing with my avatar and somehow completely lost an arm and ended up with one shoe. I gave up on fixing that. Then my screen froze while in the middle of loading another area. Next time I should probably read the instructions handed out in class and use a faster computer… or I could just walk away slowly.